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Sharing & Supporting Professional Relationships

with Laura Colombo, (CEO ETAss and LinkedIn Women Coach) and Marika Zenoni (Team Building Expert Trainer).

The background

We started our project last december with a first meeting aimed at identifying  the distinctive characteristics of the work environment and the organisational  climate. The result was that LinkedIn is really a great place to work for, however it could always improve. We started our discussion with a strong topic: diversity in team building (the focus of the last meeting).

The approach

A generative learning session aimed at enhancing  relationship dynamics, values, advantages, professional feedback and critical conditions in relationship management.

Learning is a natural act of our life

In an experimental way, we lived a strong learning experience focused on coming to light sentiments, values, obstacles and strengths in daily professional context and in ordinary social business situations. In fact, in everyday actions, we learn constantly and optimize processes and efforts. This happens continually, even though we are not aware of it.

Learning is generally related to the concept of “study” but people learn also from daily experiences, and this process never stops during our existence

Generative Learning Methodology

We spoke about the Generative Learning Theory as a physiological way to encourage people to become fully immersed in learning, so that they can develop new strategies  to solve problems or scenarios.

Thanks to this  methodology –  Marika Trainer and Laura Coach  – did not have to fill in the “gaps” in instructing learners because  Teachers – better, the Facilitators –  simply provided them with new information, rather than just a background of the content.


Generative Learning Methodology makes the learning process more effective and engaging

Some insights about the experience

Everyone spoke about what they  considered  the most important professional values, then the entire team identified  patterns and came up with a unified set of values.

To conclude, the Team agreed on identified  values that move people  towards company goals.

Nothing is predictable

Have you ever thought  about the importance of the ability to adapt to unexpected situations?

Have you ever considered to fight each situation in an innovative way (when necessary)?

Every LinkedIn member – blindfolded – thought  about key words, situations, emotions, processes that had come out previously

This unusual situation – being deprived of one of the most important senses, the sight – transformed the participants’ vision and  their processing capability, by emphasizing  the importance of facing a new situation and using alternative  tools.

Thanks to:

– Marika for her contribution

– Luis Alvarez, the only man admitted, silent and patient observer

– Marina Fantini and Maria Pedrinelli (the Project Ambassadors)

– all participants – the magnificent Women@LinkedIn 🙂

– Marcello  Albergoni, a visionary and innovative Manager

See you next time


a great smile by Coach Laura


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